State of the Union, 07/17/21

How is the middle of the middle of the summer here and gone? 

After a grueling year (yeah you, 2020), this year seems to have its own SNAFUs, but it’s flying by, and maybe in part that’s for the better? Maybe we’ll all (sooner rather later) not-so-fondly remember this year as the turbulent tumble we needed to get back to a nuanced sense of normalcy (please note my active avoidance of “new normal”, because that term makes me shudder). Maybe we need a bit of a jolt to get going, a sense of urgency to pull us from our drowsy doldrums and drops us into a world anew, a world walking on eggshells toward new experiences an da new way to exist. Perhaps it’s in line with the idea of just “ripping the bandaid”, going cold turkey, diving in head first, and all of those other dusty clichés that we love to hate and hate to love for their poignancy and persistent accuracy. They do, after all, have a point. 

The year can fly by, as far as I’m concerned, but so long as I personally hold myself accountable to being present in every last, fleeting moment, savoring the sweetness of a summer that feels like it’s slipping away, and being ready to fall in love with Fall all over again. You could argue, in fact, that being fully immersed and devoted to the present might make the days pass faster, Time acting as an unnoticed bandit of seconds, hours, days, weeks, and months. Then, a mindfulness of each moment could translate to an unnoticed evaporation of those days and months, and that ignorance (for all it would be worth) would truly be blissful – that’s what it’s supposed to be anyhow, right?

With the year half gone, you’ll find me digging into each day on a granular level, giving every last moment every last morsel of my attention, and gloriously ignoring the passage of time.

What’s in: Me not being the only one talking about asking for help.

What’s out: Feeling less than ‘enough‘.

What’s what:


Special day do-overs.

Sweet, summer blueberry extravaganza!


Conversations with Friends

A sensational hair serum | Summer snack essentials | Savor-worthy sips


Ditch doggie depression.

Friendship: all the ways it forms.

Best way to brighten any day.

(all the way from Long Island!)

Comparison, compiled into stats.

Big Boos (too ridiculous and awesome not to share!)

Every bit as resplendent as you’d expect.

Go submerge yourself in each and every second of this splendid, summery Saturday

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