State of the Union, 01/30/21

A full moon mitigating a Mercury retrograde – be mindful!

I met a very uncurious person the other day. By ‘uncurious’, I don’t mean that they themselves were unremarkable or without any characterizing features. They, very literally, were not interested in new information. They were comfortable not finding out more about…anything, really. And I was struck. I’ll admit that it was a moment of weakness, because I judged them based on that. I couldn’t understand how one could be complacent in life with knowledge, and not have any desire to dive into an article, a book, a journal… anything. I couldn’t stop thinking about that level of satiety with life, and how it could be possible. I was curious about their uncurious ways. 

I must first repent for making a judgment call based on a perception of someone that I had just met. They were polite and helpful, and outside of small talk, I know nothing of their life or circumstances. It was wrong, but admittedly thought-provoking all the same. I’ve listened to countless podcasts and read many articles about the benefits of approaching the world with a child-like awe, a wonder about the hows and whys and wheres of our surroundings, no matter how mundane or magical. I subscribe to that theory, if for no other reason than the fact that I enjoy learning, procuring new knowledge just because, informing myself about my world though lenses both objective and subjective alike, voraciously consuming ideas and concepts to internalize, ponder, and grow from. The pros far outnumber the cons, the stimulus beats stagnation, and the results are a reward like no other: new knowledge and new ways to see the world.

What’s In: Like I keep saying, guys – the little things.

What’s Out: These words, for PTSD’s sake.

What’s What:

Thinking about, thirsting for, and thwarting chilly weather with.

I’m a 3w6- what’s YOUR type?

This is also very much my type.

Re: The little things: An afternoon desk-rainbow.

Loved these, all 100 of ’em.

Made and according to Poppa Carnivore, it takes the place of the version he liked to order in. (The steak and cheddar quesadilla croutons didn’t hurt, either.)

This is probably going to be a template for work lunches.

Conversations with friends: Fun musings and lunches when we dip I dip you dip.

A new schedule that has given me my evenings back (in exchange for days), and therefore has me considering things like this.

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